Machinima Love

Machinima Love
Donnerstag, Juli 24 | Kino Wintergarten im Andreasstadel
presented by Brigit Lichtenegger aka Evo Szuyuan

Der Begriff Machinima, zusammengesetzt aus Machine, Cinema und Animation, steht für Filme, die mit Computerspielen produziert werden. Machinima-Filme sehen aus wie etwas holprige 3D-Animationen, sind aber nicht im klassischen Bild-für-Bild-Modus animiert, sondern werden live gespielt und gedreht – wie in einem digitalen Puppentheater. Brigit Lichtenegger aka Evo Szuyuan gelangte mit ihren eigen Machinima Produktionen zu internationalem Ansehen und zeigte ihre Arbeiten bereits auf mehreren europäischen Festivals. Ihre eigene Spezialität sind Dokumentationen von In-World Kunstproduktionen wie etwa Konzertperformances des Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, interaktive Arbeiten von Juria Yoshikawa aus Japan oder die Klangskulpturen des Australiers Adam Ramona (program 1).
Was die weit verbreiteten Techniken angeht, hängt alles von der Kreativität der Machinimakünstler ab. Eine inspirierende Auswahl aus Werken der besten jungen Talente: Comedy und Mystery, Videoclips und Art House (program2). Einführung und Gespräch sind in Englisch. Die meisten Videos sind auch ohne Sprachverständnis zu geniessen.

Machinima is a collection of associated production techniques whereby computer-generated imagery (CGI) is rendered using real-time, interactive 3-D engines, such as those of games instead of professional 3D animation software. The real-time nature of machinima means that established techniques from traditional film-making can be reapplied in a virtual environment. As a result, production tends to be cheaper and more rapid than in keyframed CGI animation. It can also produce more professional appearing production than is possible with traditional at-home techniques, which makes it possible for anyone to make a high quality movie.

Program 1, 20.00h :: Machinima Art Videos

Besides the machinima technique being used for the creation of new movies of imagined stories, it is also widely used for the purpose of documentation, serving as a link between the real world and virtual worlds. As pioneering artists have started exploring the use of virtual worlds to create new works of art, a range of machinima have been created trying to capture these new experiences. In this programm a selection of art documentaries will be shown that highlight some of the most interesting works of art as well a shine a light on the richness and versatily of the Art World as it exists in Second Life.

Slippery Slope (8:15)
by Evo Szuyuan
Video document of a performance that was composed exclusively for the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse by Wirxli Flimflam. This classically influenced new music composition uses a special written score and custom designed instruments as well as functioning reproductions of classical instruments.

Orchestral Investigation #9 (7:13)
by Evo Szuyuan
Surreal video starring Avatar Orchestra Metaverse
"Avatar Orchestra Metaverse drinks coffee and plays Fragula at a rooftop cafe located at the Kyoot Army HQ simulator in Second Life. The orchestra, music and site merge into a surreal video."

17 unsung songs (17:00)
by Evo Szuyuan
Preview of a video that documents Adama Ramona's ( major solo installation 17 Unsong Songs at East of Odyssey that includes 17 immersive audiovisual interactive sculptures and installations.

Blink – Transforming an Island through Art (1:00)
by Evo Szuyuan
The trailer of the 3 part documentary series “Blink – Transforming an Island through Art” featuring the art of Juria Yoshikawa and music of AldoManutio Abruzzo . The series was nominated for best series, best visuals and best sound at the European Machinima Festival.

Seeing spOts, being dOts (9.57)
by Evo Szuyuan
Video interpretation of a live show by Juria Yoshikawa and Nnoiz Papp as performed at the Directors Lounge in Berlin, in which the audience is part of the art work.

Juria at Brooklyn is Watching (5:10)
by Arahan Claveau
Another immersive art work of Juria Yoshikawa as shown at Brooklyn is Watching.

Moth Universe (5:14)
by Arahan Claveau
“Oh, to be a moth, starved for illumination. The dark and light are a food to feast on.”
One more machinima documenting the work of Juria Yoshikawa.

SynaesthAsia (8:28)
by Osprey Therian
This video documents a live Internet / Second Life music jam by the Japanese artist Komuso Tokugawa and Taiwanese artist MoShang Zhao.

Haledol Dreams of the Minotaure (9:55)
by Osprey Therian
Documentation of a show by the pioneering performance art group Second Front, as performed at a Dorkbot session at Dorkbot Second Life and Dorkbot Paris.

28 Avatars Later (4:55)
by Second Front
In this performance Second Front members are transformed into zombies
and venture out on a quest to eat and therefore, infect other avatars.

Program 2, 21.45h :: The Art of Machinima

With the technique widely available, it‘s all up to the filmmakers creativity. Tonights program will show an inspiring selection of short movies of some of the best young filmmakers, including comedy, videoclips, art house, and mystery. It will be clear why machinima is breaking out of the underground community of gamers, and has become more widely recognized by mainstream audiences, as well as the established film production companies.

Gaz of the Desert (20:00)
by Gazira Babeli
Gaz of the Desert is inspired by Luis Buñuel's 1965 movie Simón del desierto (Simon of the Desert) which focused on St. Simon Stylites, a 4th century religious man who climbed on a column to be nearer to God and stayed there during thirty seven years preaching Christianity to passersby.

The Dumb Man (5:05)
by Lainy Voom
The Dumb Man was written by Sherwood Anderson and read by Alex Wilson from Telltale Weekly. Music "Reading the Leaves by moonlight" by the artist "Falling You" from the Album "Touch" available at Magnatune Records.

Chouchou (5:06)
by Chouchou
Chouchou is a Japanese music group which exists only in SecondLife.
It was formed on July, 2007 searching for new possibilities of music.
This is video is the official image video of their region called "Chouchou."

by Chouchou
The official music video of Chouchou's music "coma". This video was filmed at winter version of their home "Islamey".

Meteors (4:20)
by Robbie Dingo
A short machinima that was made during the Artist-in_residence Program at Millions of Us. set to a great song by Kirsty Hawkshaw.

Tendance (3:00)
by Mejo Kuu
"why do you project yourself onto me, when all you see is the fog."
Scenes from the work in progress.

The show must go on (27:45)
by Osprey Therian
TSMGO is a live variety show in Second Life. Gutsy performers brave lag to provide original entertainment, for free, to audiences.

Time to Riverdance (1:28)
by Evo Szuyuan
A Funny home video.

Fly me / Volavola (7:00)
by Berardo Carboni
Promo for the feature length movie Fly me / Volavola, a movie about love

Iron Man: The Fall (2:42)
By Jason Smith and Al Reitz
Tony Stark meets his match in the winning video entry to the Silverscreen/ Paramount/ Marvel Films IRON MAN SECOND LIFE MACHINIMA CONTEST!

Start (6:53)
by Moebius Overdrive & Allen Kerensky
Critically acclaimed steampunk compared to Isaac Asimov

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