Brigit Lichtenegger aka Evo Szuyuan

Brigit Lichtenegger
aka Evo Szuyuan

is artist-in-residency at arts2media. Brigit Lichtenegger is a new media artist, programmer, researcher, curator and machinimator. With a main interest for Virtual Reality and Immersive and Networked Environments she contributed to numerous international collaborative Art and Research projects that have been awarded and presented at festivals, galleries and musea all over the world, including Ars Electronica, DEAF and the Swiss National Museum. In 2006 she started exploring the potential of the Second Life platform as the avatar Evo Szuyuan. There she got involved in creating movies with and for music groups, performance and installation artists. These movies have been screened at, among other places, the Rome Filmfest and at the European Machinima Festival, where Brigit received nominations in several award categories. She has recently started to work as Director of Photography on the feature length movie „Fly me/Volavola“, which will be shot entirely in Second Life. Besides making videos Brigit works on occasion as a ‚live‘ cameraman at so called Mixed Reality events, where performances in virtual worlds are projected on a screen in a ‚Real Life‘ location.

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