Lets happening now _ 9 Beet Stretch! Sept_1-2

... to end xxxtenxious moments
stretch as a treat- indeed,
we are in for a very special happening -

Leif Inge's 9 Beet Stretch

Ludwig van Beethoven's 9th symphony stretched to 24 hours, with no pitch distortions.
Leif Inge will share his work @art.xxXtenxion with us in a mixed reality happening.

It is staged 24hours, simultaneously at the Städtische Galerie in Regensburg/Germany as on the 3-D platform Second Life.

Therefore we are more than happy for the special invitation of Reda Ribble and eGabelor to SimpliPrivacy - an optically exciting and challenging environment - pure pop in a huge 5th floor penthouse.

"It is unbelievably beautiful. It is a masterpiece of a masterpiece, and maybe the closest we can ever come to experiencing what the deaf Beethoven heard, or experienced, in his head." Mark Swed, The Los Angeles Times

"That cultural statement is one of the levels 9 Beet Stretch works on, and there are others. It reveals acoustic truths you never suspected. Fantastic idea." Kyle Gann, The Village Voice

The critically acclaimed 9 Beet Stretch is an amazing 24 hour long electroacoustic concert where a massive soundscape is made out of Beethovens 9th Symphony – it is augmented to last 24 hours with no distortion in pitch. The audience has embraced this rare occasion and many have actually stayed through the 24hours concert!

Regensburg Times (CEST)
Staedtische Galerie Regensburg im "Leeren Beutel", Bertoldstr. 9, D- 93047 Regensburg
Starting Time :: Sat. Sept.1 , 6 p.m.
Ending Time :: Sun Sept. 2, 6 p.m. CEST

SecondLife Times (SLT = PDT)
Starting Time :: Sat Sept.1 , 9 a.m.
Ending Time :: Sun Sept. 2, 9 a.m.

chat rules
provide maximum listening pleasure to everybody around

(if you are new to Second Life download the free client of Second Life
and create yourself an avatar to come visit the festival in the metaverse.
just use the Slurl :: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Alvensleben/56/229/21)

Björn Eriksson and Plac.Art.X @ xxXtenxion

Björn arrived on monday, after having had some exciting days in Berlin. There he presented a festival night for Das kleine Fieldrecording Festival which was a huge success and made with so much love. Some parts of the festival even took place in Second Life at the Odyssey Sounddeck, beautifully build by Chi5.

Björn aka miulew is our artist-in-residence and we are not only extremely happy about it, but as well a bit proud that we could manage such an important part of the festival from the budget. We think artists-in-residence is 1 of the most needed functions in the future art world.

Now after almost a week of working together (really fun) and preparing the placard we are already in the middle of everything. Its so amazing sounds from many parts of the world - all these netpoints - and we are amazed about the many levels the Plac.Art.X is happening in.

programme de plac.art.X
curated by Björn Eriksson

First of all its the headphones feed here in the gallery, the projection of the sound from the webstream into the ears of the listeners. The room slowly fills and everybody is happy - thats good.

Next level: the placard irc.chat, where artists meet with miulew and Pomodoro Bolzano and the original founders of placard. Yeah - the first placard was 6 people, eeek told us. Actually its great fun to join the chat, all this back and frontpage conversations and delighted listeners. And now Helmar even got the webcam-stream going :-)

Another level just about to be started now is the Second Life simulation. J0ri hung up some headphones for the avatars and the stream is up... Press this SLurl Link to get tovirtual Leerer Beutel in Second Life: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Netherbeck/187/139/68/

(if you are new to Second Life download the free client of Second Life and create yourself an avatar to come visit the festival in the metaverse.)

greetings around from
all the pomidori and björn and helmar and kristina and more

program schedule // aug.9 - sept.2

3 weeks of fine art.xxXtenxion

aug 9 -
sept 2 2007

Plac.Art.X and
talks 1+2 will be happening
in the virtual galery at art.think box / netherbeck / SL
AvatarOrchestraMetaverse will be playing different places in SL
live in Berlin (1.Long Night of Contrastorchestras),
Regensburg (doubleconcert /gallery and cinema) and Chicago (SLCC 2007)

9 Beet Stretch will take place 24hours in SimpliPrivacy /aldensleben / SL
and in the real space of the Städtische Galerie in Regensburg.

opening times exhibition : tues - sun 12a.m .- 4p.m.