program schedule // aug.9 - sept.2

3 weeks of fine art.xxXtenxion

aug 9 -
sept 2 2007

Plac.Art.X and
talks 1+2 will be happening
in the virtual galery at art.think box / netherbeck / SL
AvatarOrchestraMetaverse will be playing different places in SL
live in Berlin (1.Long Night of Contrastorchestras),
Regensburg (doubleconcert /gallery and cinema) and Chicago (SLCC 2007)

9 Beet Stretch will take place 24hours in SimpliPrivacy /aldensleben / SL
and in the real space of the Städtische Galerie in Regensburg.

opening times exhibition : tues - sun 12a.m .- 4p.m.

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